Most Affordable Neighborhoods in NYC for People on a Budget

Moving to New York City can seem overwhelming at first. In a city of over eight million people, how will you know where you fit in? What neighborhood will be the right one for you? And above all, how will you afford it? Luckily, New York City is a city that is constantly evolving, and there is always a new up-and-coming neighborhood to pursue. With a little research and luck, you can find the perfect place to rest your head in the city that never sleeps. Below are five of the most affordable neighborhoods in New York City that are waiting to be your new home.

Forest Hills, Queens

With an easy commute from Queens to mid-town Manhattan and all the convenience of city living, Forest Hills might be just the place to start your New York City story. The streets are as lined with restaurants and bars as they are trees, and the buildings range in age and style. The bustling feeling of this neighborhood gives many residents the feeling of living in Manhattan with just a little more room to grow.

Jamaica, Queens

It’s a neighborhood with diverse communities from all over the world and undeniable accessibility. Jamaica boasts easy access to a midtown Manhattan-bound express train and, of course, access to JFK airport. There is a busy strip with a variety of ethnic cuisines and a city-backed performing arts center that make this neighborhood a cultural touchstone.

Kensington, Brooklyn

You can live in Brooklyn without breaking the bank! Kensington has more of a family feel than some other Brooklyn neighborhoods, and that adds to its charm. There’s green space aplenty, and quiet single and double-family houses that exude the charm of suburb living without ever leaving the city. The proximity to Prospect Park means real estate goes fast, and the affordability factor might not last for long.

Washington Heights

This neighborhood was named for George Washington but is just as known for its amazing Dominican food as it is its historical significance. Take a walk through Washington Heights, and you can visit the oldest house in Manhattan or enjoy the new exhibit at NoMAA. This cultural hotspot still has affordable apartments and the convenience of having access to the express A train.

Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Bed-Stuy is rich in history with roots tracing back to Dutch immigration and the Revolutionary War. It has become a hot spot in recent years, but still has the quaint feeling of community with its many churches and community gardens. Many people think that Bed-Stuy has already boomed and it might be too hard to find cost-effective housing. But if you know where to look, there are still some affordable options in this neighborhood. Look for top floor walk-ups or buildings on the outskirts of the neighborhood, and you might find the steal you’ve been looking for.

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