What to Know Before Moving from Manhattan to Queens, New York

So you’re planning a move from Manhattan to Queens. Two things are certain: you’ll pay less for rent, but your commute will probably be longer. Moving to a new borough can be difficult, but it can also be exciting. You’ll have a brand-new neighborhood to explore, with restaurants and coffee shops to try. As you plan your move to Queens, here are a few of the major differences to expect between the two boroughs.


Queens has lower rent.

The average rent in Manhattan is $4000 per month. The average rent in Queens, on the other hand, is $2850 per month. Considering that most of the rental agencies in New York City require renters to make 40 times the rent in their annual income, Queens is much more affordable than Manhattan.

The average cost of living tends to be lower overall, although some things will always be expensive because it is New York City.

The commute can be long.

Driving from Queens to Manhattan, a distance of just 16.4 miles, can take 55 minutes on a day with moderate traffic. Of course, there are other ways to get between the two boroughs that are faster. You can put that extra money you save on rent towards using an MTA Express bus to get around the city quickly, or you can take the Long Island Railroad. The commute will vary depending on where in Manhattan you are trying to go.

Astoria is a lot like Manhattan.

Astoria, one of the best Queens neighborhoods, is an urban neighborhood within a 20-minute subway ride of the city. Rent in this area is lower than comparable areas, and it is a popular choice for young people working in Manhattan that don’t want to pay the city’s cutthroat rental rates. Astoria has multiple restaurants, beer gardens, and a nightlife that lasts until around 4 AM.

If the neighborhood doesn’t appeal to you, the Jamaica Estates neighborhood might be a better choice. This area gives a lot more space and privacy, with large yards and many Tudor-style homes. However, this neighborhood is also expensive. Many people move to Jamaica Estates to raise families because of the private schools in the area.

Another popular choice is Long Island City. This area is growing quickly and is as a more affordable Manhattan. If you decide that you need to go to Manhattan, you can just get on the seven train and be in Midtown within five minutes.


Moving out of Manhattan can be an affordable option without the need to sacrifice much in the way of convenience. You just have to know where to look. While many people think Brooklyn is the place to go, Queens is more affordable than Brooklyn and growing just as quickly. For assistance transitioning to this wonderful urban enclave, call one of the best moving companies in NY. Imperial Movers (83 Washington Place, New York, NY 10011, (212) 879-6683) is based in Manhattan and offers exceptional moving services across the NYC metro.

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